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After listening to the president last night and reviewing once more the text of the speech this morning, my mind is clear. Some of the comments offered and published by other readers of the NYT tend to be too partisan and did not give credit to the president where credit is due. I was staunchly opposed to any additional government intervention in the private life of citizens and to any expansion of the size of the federal government as well as to any intervention on my ability to live to as advanced an age as I am due–no pulling of my plug.

However, after listening with an open mind, the president’s proposal is very much to the point. It resolves all the issues that anyone concerned with government intervention would consider invasive. It foments a responsible citizenry that directly addresses their personal needs away from the hand of the government, eliminating the unnecessary tax burden on those who create jobs and produce goods that promote everyone else’s wealth, not just their own.

If everyone is required to purchase health insurance, neither the federal government nor the state governments nor the municipalities will have to bear the burden or irresponsibility on the part of the citizens. True, it is the hand of government forcing us all to be responsible, but it is now a necessity, to alleviate the burden of the few having to pay for the many irresponsible ones who prefer to travel, purchase goods with borrowed money that they are unable to pay back, and burden our municipal hospitals with the obligation to cater to their irresponsible behavior.

Kudos to Mr. Obama. He brought me around. Now we have to ensure that his words have meaning and that the group of crooks that run the Congress do exactly as they were told: LEGISLATE. Word the law correctly. Force insurance companies to fulfill their promise to their premium paying customers. Eliminate the denial of payment over pre-existing conditions. Fine the executives of the companies and throw them in jail if they fail to meet their contractual obligations. Force every citizen to carry insurance. Form exchanges across state lines to pool all the risks together and provide reasonable premiums for adequate coverage. Ensure competitiveness in the service and provision of healthcare across the country. Provide relief to the few who need it due to TEMPORARY hardship. Implement tort reform measures to ensure patient rights and reduce frivolous law suits. All these premises will reduce the spiraling cost of healthcare without quashing invention and capitalist incentives.

That’s the perfect bill and no one is taxed to pay for anyone else’s irresponsible behavior. It places the responsibility for our care on our own shoulders, not other people’s. It does not grow the government programs. It ensures compliance.

What’s not to like?

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  1. Werner says:

    Well said, Frank

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