It’s Time to Stop the Blame Game and Govern by Consensus

Last night, President Obama spoke to Congress and the nation on his first State of the Union address. The talking heads tore him up–from both sides of the aisle–the liberals because he is not socialist enough and the conservatives because he is too far left of center. It’s a shame. His speech was exalting and positive. His thread was coherent and convincing. He took the high road with humor and well deserved reproach.

Yet, he remains captive and unable to move forward on anything he proposed when he promised change on the campaign trail. He is not able to grasp the malaise of Washington. His administration has not reduced spending one bit and continues to expand the national debt at an alarming rate.  He is Bush plus one at this point.

It’s the country that loses in the end. It’s the lower class and the middle class and even the bureaucratic class that fail to capitalize on the quagmire that grips the political elements whom our ignorant public elects every other year. It’s not about the rich.

The rich don’t need help. They fare well in good times and bad ones. They simply sit back and wait. This too shall pass.

As a speaker, our country never had it so good as we have now with president Obama. He gets A plus and bats them out of the park every time.  It’s the substance that is lacking.

Frankly, last night he showed a little more backbone than on prior opportunities. He seemed to take on the whole Congress, his political partisans and those with whom he fought until a few minutes before his television appearance. Our president simply fails to see the writing on the wall. It’s a clear message: Congressional members enjoy not resolving the issues. They happily remain in the very same endless re-election campaign he described, grasping for contributions at every turn, and seeking to perpetuate themselves in office forever more, without doing anything beyond talk and talk and talk and talk. 

Sadly, it’s the way of Washington. It’s not the way of Main Street. It’s not the way to create new employment opportunities. It’s definitely not the way to resolve the healthcare issue. It will never put an end to waste and pork in government.

Mr. Obama is philosophically opposed to capitalism. It’s not his fault. He is the product of liberals at home, liberals in school, and liberal advisers.

The rest of the country, however, should feel differently. We know better. We can fall back on history for clarity of vision. To move forward, foster freedom of opportunity, foment business growth. Lower taxes, don’t raise them. Reduce obstacles to free enterprise and provide incentives for the rich to put their money to work. Tax capital accumulation that is idle and not put to work to improve the economy.  

We should stand up and reclaim our government. We should stop re-electing every incumbent without questioning whether his/her role in Washington was to resolve issues, as evidenced by the legislation he/she sponsored and passed the prior term or whether he/she was one more clog that obstructed the right of the people to work uninhibited by a government that over-reaches and meddles at every turn. Big government simply causes disruptions that negate citizens their right to pursue happiness.

Mr. President, show some leadership. Tell Congress how to do it. Show how to draft the legislation you propose. Get some of those highly paid bureaucrats in the administration to draft your version of what it takes to move forward. Congress will follow. They are too busy running for the hills to object. You are the president with a majority in Congress, for Pete’s sake. Find some common ground and move forward.  

On the practical side of the argument, though, we need to stop looking to the government to resolve our issues. We need to find market solutions for our problems. We need to work together and find a capitalist solution for our healthcare, unemployment, and education issues.

We need to alert everyone to our awakening. American business, at the summit of our industrial hegemony across the globe, was about honesty, integrity, ethics, and ingenuity. We need to regain our voice and the only way to achieve it is by doing in the marketplace what Massachusetts did with the Kennedy dynasty a few of weeks ago.  We need to dump the stock of companies that allow their CEO’s to receive outrageous bonuses and endless expense accounts because the money comes out of our pocket.  

We need to instill in every CEO that the profits of the company are first due to the corporation’s owners: you, me, and the rest of the holders of common stock. We need to hamper every CEO’s ability to fill a company’s board of directors with yes men who will allow him/her to pillage and plunder the treasury of the company he/she is entrusted to run. We need to find ethical people to run our public corporations.

To cure our current economic problems as free market capitalists, we need to accept the payment of fewer taxes on the condition that we invest in business ventures that create job opportunities. We need to eliminate the restrictions on the purchase of health insurance coverage across state lines. We need to eliminate an insurance company’s ability to refuse coverage to anyone after a policy is issued. We need to make health insurance coverage mandatory for everyone. We need to legislate a single premium for every covered person based on the actuarial experience of 300 million insured citizens from cradle to grave without exception.

To eliminate waste, we need to define when a claim made after a medical occurrence becomes frivolous. We should define as frivolous any claim that attempts to profit from a medical occurrence that was purely accidental. We need to understand that doctors are human, not deities. Doctors are not able to save everyone. Sometimes, people die despite all their best intentions and medical training. And we need to learn to deal with death at all ages. We need to know that individuals die when their time comes. We need to eliminate frivolous law suits. Accidents happen. All the while, doctors need to understand that they are expected to act according to their Hippocratic Oath. 

As a nation, we need to grasp that government is a necessary evil. We need it for many things, none to meddle in our life. It is a serious waste of resources the majority of time. Government’s only goals are to perpetuate itself, expand itself, and grab more power away from the people.

We need to change the way we elect politicians. We need to hold them accountable at every election. Let’s throw them out if they are not effectively reaching consensus to progressively get us out of national bankruptcy. Let’s put an end to the downward draft that spiraled out of control nine years ago and holds us down today.

We want the change we were promised, not more of the same. We want common ground solutions. We want government by consensus. We want a balanced budget at all levels. It’s the only effective way to move forward.

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