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Sacha May wrote about Nokia, the communications company, on Seeking Alpha, an Internet website. It’s a space providing free access to everyone with something to say. It’s an open forum. 

“Kah-ching! kah-ching! kah-ching! The sound of those cash registers sucking up those dollars out of the pockets of a billion plus Chinese buying Nokia phones soon is indeed sweet and alluring, I must admit. Couple that with Europeans and in a couple more weeks AT&T customers in the US buying up every single colorful Lumia 900 in all their splendor, and speculative investors could get a spectacular return on a $5+ investment.
iCultists need not reply. We know how fabulous those iGadgets work in sync and all about the vision that made the fabulous company climb to reach the hyperbolic value of recent days. But all that rises must fall. Nokia is a perfect example. Concurrently, all that falls tends to rise again if clarity of vision and solid determination to create new products and services work in unison.
To prove my point, the AAPL stock sold for $7 and rose to heights above Mt. Everest. Why would this be the only successful story when we already witnessed AMZN rise, fall, and return to former glory, all within a decade? Yep, NOK is definitely poised to prove some right.
Steal a little market-share from here and a little from there, build the best product available and promote it everywhere with a better pricing structure to reach all budgets, including the lowly poor whose needs remain identical to those of the richer groups, and what’ve we got? We have a successful investment, that’s what.
Risks? Myriad risks. Potential for losses? As with all investments too many lurk behind every door. However, for patient investors seeking long-term results, a very viable alternative if the risk tolerance is right, their money could be lost without their lifestyle suffering, and if liquidity in the near-term is not an issue. It’s a speculative move, of course, but one some are willing to take in their pursuit of happiness.”

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