The Affordable Care Act

The legislation’s ramifications are many and they hit every investor and everyone self-employed. The law applies to all, but only those who pay taxes will be financially affected by its grasp–the growing numbers of people among us who do not pay income taxes will ostensibly remain financially unaffected. They will continue to receive benefits without a current financial impact on their wallets, but as the rest of us, they too will eventually end up paying a very high cost for this expansion of the socialist state.

The law is supposed to alleviate the burden of communities across the land, which until its passing, saw their budgets raised to cover the greater numbers of people uninsured, the indigents who could not afford health insurance, and everyone else who preferred to take vacations or buy bigger homes they could not afford to pay in flagrant irresponsible financial behavior that would eventually pick the pockets of the rest of the constituents forced to pay higher taxes to cover the budgetary shortfall from unpaid municipal hospital bills. However, there is always a cost in anything that involves government handouts. This legislation calls for higher taxes and the scales of additional taxation are built into the Affordable Care Act.

The measures mirror government mandates that stealthily raise taxes, as we see in higher municipal parking fees, higher court costs, higher highway tolls, higher moving violation rates, a gasoline tax based on percentages added to the cost of fuel instead of a flat figure that does not escalate with the cost of every gallon of fuel, and everything We the People allow to stand sheepishly, without a whimper, tagged on as percentages on costs that continue to escalate with built-in inflation taking from us money we worked hard to earn.

Our taxes–everyone who pays them, not just the rich’s–are going up in every possible manner while we bicker and parse meanings without doing anything meaningful to turn the tide–like voting out of office any elected official who does not put in place legislation to reduce the size of the government after two years. The government and its bureaucrats continue to expand and grab more power, enslaving us all, one bickered and passed measure at a time. We’ll all be poor soon and then, who’s going to pay for the socialist state? Our own slave labor, as it happens today in China, Cuba, and North Korea?

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