The Recruitment of the People

As a child in Cuba I witnessed how the newly formed Castro government stealthily NC Public Transport CDR-likeexpanded its incipient authority. The Castro brothers deceitfully conceived a security campaign exhorting the public to spy as an act of national loyalty, an action that contrasted with Rosie the Riveter’s barely twenty years prior spurring Americans to do precisely the opposite in a democratic society. The Castros promoted public safety by encouraging the people to spill everything they observed to the government. They achieved their nefarious goal of ensconcing themselves in power with public support for their malfeasance.

Fifty-five years later, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution continue to wreak havoc in Cuban society. Individuals across the Island report block by block on neighbors, parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends. The Castro brothers institutionalized snitching as a patriotic activity for the good of society. They developed a scheming formula irresistible alike to despots and elected leaders today.

The Castro brothers learned about public repression in all its manifestations from the well-known figures of world domination: Joseph Stalin, Walter Ulbricht, Erich Honecker, Erich Mielke, and Chairman Mao. They found in Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda of the Nazi regime, a source of inspiration and a fountain of technical knowledge to achieve their undisclosed goal of absolute subjection. The product of their maliciousness remains on public display as twelve million enslaved men and women dream only of fleeing from their captivity by escaping from the Island.

Today across the globe we strive to defend our society from armed groups of misguided individuals spewing hatred in the name of a just and loving God. How these parties justify their criminal activities as different factions of their faith is beyond our grasp. The fact is, we are vulnerable if we fail to recognize their surreptitious proximity and fail to quash their evil acts before they kill and maim us.

Our open society; our culture of freedom; our defense of individual rights to protect us from despotic rulers like the Castros, all make us susceptible to being wounded or hurt by terrorists. The result is that we heighten our senses to raise our awareness in different surroundings. Yet, we go about our business standing in defiance of potential assailants while the governments of the world engage in public campaigns to recruit us. They lead us to be wary of everyone around us, to report to the authorities what we see. They coax us to trust Big Brother.

I stand in disbelief as images of my childhood resurface in my mind. I know the outcome. I gasp deep in my DNA.

“It’s not the same,” I hear. “It’s not nefarious.” “It’s for a greater good.”

But do we all agree on what truly is this greater good? Is survival the greater good? I dare say not if this desire would lead us by design or subterfuge down the road to some form of unavowed totalitarianism. Furthermore, blanket mistrust is anathema to traditional American values, for all of America’s bountiful blessings are cradled in freedom. To live among us is the desired goal of “wretched masses yearning to breathe free,” as Emma Lazarus depicts.

So today I post this Blog to question our resolve to remain in liberty. Did our soldiers die in wars to bring freedom everywhere so that today we may give away this cause so gallantly advanced thoughtlessly? Do we honor our fallen braves by renouncing our Bill of Rights?

Governments around the world in their battle against terrorism embrace and stand with Goebbels, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the Castro brothers by urging the citizenry to spy on one-another. Their choice concerns us all, for we must position the course of our tomorrows today with as much determination as the Fathers of the Country when they conceived the Union.

So I ask, is freedom the price to pay for security?

If the majority finds the answer to this question in the affirmative, then I choose the opposite camp, standing instead with Thomas Paine, James Madison and Patrick Henry.

About Francisco

Born in Cuba; political exile; American by choice; polyglot; father of four, grandfather of two; occupationally semi-retired; reader; writer; lover of mankind and nature; searcher of truths; hungry for wisdom; open-minded; romantic realist; critical thinker, enemy of despotism, government abuse, and inequality; believer and faithful; social liberal, fiscal conservative; in a quest to unmask the hypocrisy and the corruption enslaving overwhelming numbers of God's creatures around the world.
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5 Responses to The Recruitment of the People

  1. T F says:

    The security you seem to be referring to appears to be the security of the State, not personal security. The security of the State is inversely proportional to personal freedom. And this is precisely what communist and other repressive governments depend on to survive. So one of the very first things that is eliminated by a repressive government is freedom, including the freedom to decide whether or not assist this government in its own security. Eliminating the freedom of the citizenry to defend itself by confiscating all weapons is another method they use to ensure the security of the State.

  2. SF says:

    Superb. You spell out legitimate concerns and you do it well, my dear Frank. Given, however, that these continue to remain unanswered (what shall we do, then?) I’d love to sit down with you and talk. No, I will not spy, but if I notice that my nextdoor neighbor hauls explosives wrapped in The Sunday Times, rest assured I will notify the despicable Department of Homeland Security as I would have passed on the equivalent intelligence to the Revolutionary Army in 1776. Some Greek -Plato, I think- said that Democracy carries within her the seed of her own demise. Ultimately, I can’t dismiss the fact that, if radical extremism wins, we’ll lose all of our freedoms anyway.

  3. JSS says:

    You do not have true safety without freedom. For, if your fundamental liberties are no longer you are subject to terror by those you have agreed to give your freedoms to in the name of “security”. So the only real choice is freedom. But a freedom with courage to fight that which harms us without the fear which may induce us to think we need to take fundamental human dignity liberties to save freedom, and faith of course that this approach will work.

  4. KD says:

    It is who we all are in our guts. Isn’t this why we tell ourselves to be gutsy? Doesn’t that mean to be truthful?

  5. KD says:

    Fear makes cowards. I know because I have been one many times, and each time I have had, and must remind myself that no matter how hard I try to protect myself, I will inevitably die. It is not “the devil” in us, rather, we listen to others more than we listen to our intuition. We must ask ourselves, if we are given such a blessed gift, then why don’t we us it? We might say there is too much noise in the universe, and I cannot hear it yearning to let me free, or perhaps we say we don’t believe. Alas, as you will; I prefer to learn to ride the horse; I would rather die trying than die afraid. Yes, Frank, My dearest friend, “I will guard my liberty”, I was born with it and will cherish it forever. It is who I am.

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