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Born in Cuba; political exile; American by choice; polyglot; father of four, grandfather of two; occupationally semi-retired; reader; writer; lover of mankind and nature; searcher of truths; hungry for wisdom; open-minded; romantic realist; critical thinker, enemy of despotism, government abuse, and inequality; believer and faithful; social liberal, fiscal conservative; in a quest to unmask the hypocrisy and the corruption enslaving overwhelming numbers of God's creatures around the world.

Una experiencia esclarecedora

Empezó con un calambre que radiaba del centro del pecho hacia el hombro izquierdo pero se me ocurrió toser fuertemente y se me quitó. Días después me desperté pasada la medianoche molesto porque el calambre me había despertado. Por suerte … Continue reading

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Understanding Stock Market Corrections

When markets correct, individuals with Margin loans are forced to liquidate their positions to pay back the house. This exasperates the losses in a down day. To pay back Margin Calls, more selling has to be done. The market shows … Continue reading

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Cryptocurrency Trading Beyond Coinbase

If you’re going to diversify beyond Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin as traded on Coinbase, Binance is one of the many exchanges around the world where investors are able to trade multiple cryptocurrencies. The issue with Binance is that … Continue reading

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Cryptocurrencies Setting Trends

Nothing I write here should be considered financial advice. Financial advice is an individual pursuit. It’s best to consult your own financial adviser to better understand how you should invest your money. When in the film The Graduate Dustin Hoffman … Continue reading

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Jump In or Wait?

We’ve been waiting for a serious investment markets correction that has not materialized. Despite the absence of any reason for the experienced exuberance over the last 12 months, the promise of a tax modification and the repeal of the Affordable … Continue reading

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Feliz Día de los Padres

Siempre pensé que los que se habían quedado en Cuba tenían un dominio del idioma superior al mío por haberse formado sin la influencia de otra lengua en constante roce por los medios de comunicación o por haber cursado estudios … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since my last blog. There were too many disruptions that took me away from reflections of a higher order; a plumbing leak, repairs, maintenance, professional work, in essence, the menial realities of life. We had an election, … Continue reading

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On the Death of El Caballo

After my initial euphoria in solidarity with many of my fellow Cuban compatriots rejoicing over the death of this ignominious man, I feel compelled to share what has subsequently turned into an ambivalence over the passing of this vengeful and destructive man who upended … Continue reading

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Recalling Mr. Reagan, Are We Better Off Today Than in 2008?

Eight years ago, Barack Obama promised change. His political slogan was the inspiring “Yes We Can.” A vast majority of Americans dreamed of an expanded popular participation in the social fiber of our great nation. Voters lined up on election day to … Continue reading

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My Lady Gertrude

My Gertie died Monday. It was the Ides of March. She was thirteen years, eight months and seventeen days old. We thought she was a cocker spaniel but the veterinarian said she was an English spaniel. She was blonde and … Continue reading

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