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The Recruitment of the People

As a child in Cuba I witnessed how the newly formed Castro government stealthily expanded its incipient authority. The Castro brothers deceitfully conceived a security campaign exhorting the public to spy as an act of national loyalty, an action that contrasted with … Continue reading

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Sad Day For Freedom-Seekers Everywhere

Yes, December 17, 2014 marks a nasty betrayal of dignity, of human values, of justice everywhere by the President of the United States; very much along the lines of the Kennedy Administration in April 1961 when JFK withdrew the support the US … Continue reading

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Together Let’s Negotiate the End of Despotism in Cuba

Before running out of time, I’d like to contribute to the restoration of the grandeur once synonymous with the Cuba of my birth. The military junta in power since 1959 puts out volumes of distortions and purposeful misinformation to spread its propaganda … Continue reading

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Facing An Ethical and Social Conundrum Today

The writing today stems from a telephone conversation with a good friend. While we were both born in Cuba, I was born early enough to recall a prosperous Cuba, a joyful Cuba, an economically progressive Cuba, and a free Cuba … Continue reading

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Review of Junot Diaz’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, from the perspective of a literary work is phenomenally amusing and impossible to put down, albeit its plot describes more sadness, despair and cruelty than a single lifetime can absorb. It’s evident the … Continue reading

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The Times Ahead

As a financial advisor, I spend a large part of my working day reading many types of investment publications. I owe it to my friends and clients who look to me for sensible advice. I also owe it to myself and … Continue reading

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My Early Way Back From Sigmoid Colectomy

After nearly forty years dealing with diverticulitis, I crossed the safety line almost a year ago. It was no longer feasible to take medication to resolve the flare-ups. The side-effects from the Levaquin, the designated drug that kept me away from the surgical … Continue reading

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Escalating Suicide Rates in the US

The shock from the statistics in yesterday’s New York Times revealing that in “2010 there were 33,687 deaths from motor vehicle crashes and 38,364 suicides,” motivates me to write today, posting here a comment I submitted to that newspaper without any control … Continue reading

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A Published Opinion Letter Today In The Miami Herald

An opinion letter appeared today in The Miami Herald, the local English language diary. It’s signed by Frank Gonzalez. It’s neither my letter nor my opinion. When I write, I sign my full name: Francisco Gonzalez-Soldevilla. For those curious to learn my own … Continue reading

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The New York Times this morning published a story on immigration. It focuses on a gay couple forced to move from New York because one of the two men was not granted a permanent US resident visa. The article describes … Continue reading

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