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The Times Ahead

As a financial advisor, I spend a large part of my working day reading many types of investment publications. I owe it to my friends and clients who look to me for sensible advice. I also owe it to myself and … Continue reading

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At The Crossroad

For almost a year, I felt tugged in many directions and despite my resolve to share my thoughts regularly on this blog, it was easier to relegate my task to later. It wasn’t fun feeling pulled away. I wanted to stay loyal to my writing, but carelessly didn’t find … Continue reading

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On the Erosion of the Middle Class in the United States

Passion on any subject generally brings out excellent discussions. Many of my former students who befriended me on Facebook at times post comments or raise concerns that for being very pertinent to our era are well-deserving of reflection and exposition. They often–not always–motivate me to throw in … Continue reading

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Religion and Ignorance

As a citizen of this country, not of Muslim faith, I object to the persecution of Muslims as I object to the persecution of any religious faith. In our country, every religious faith is equal in every respect. Our duty … Continue reading

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Weekend in Tampa

It’s long overdue. My last blog was a good number of days ago, but as usual, I’ve been wrestling with many pressing issues without a moment to relax and post new material, although these days, blogging is probably the most rewarding … Continue reading

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El Día de las Abuelas

Today is a special day for most people of Cuban origin; not for political reasons, though. It marks the day most Cubans reflect on our love for our grandmothers. It started because in the Roman Catholic calendar, July 26 is the … Continue reading

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