To The Hackers

In the past, we’ve had to delete our website entirely and start fresh, losing the work of several years when nefarious agents managed to poison it with malicious viruses.

Their choice of hacking such an unproductive website is a puzzlement.

Over the last couple of weeks we received 102 comments. They were all filled with nonsense, promoting counterfeit drugs, and more than half with writings using the Cyrillic alphabet. Their use of the alphabet reminded me how the last 100 years of socialism produced nothing beyond widespread misery and 100 million dead.

In Cuba, now 62 years after socialism, the thugs in power managed to destroy what took 440 years to create, offering more evidence that socialism is a failed ideology. The promoters of the annihilating system prove over and over to be made up of envious individuals, very eager to steal, under false promises of equality what others created with hard work, personal sacrifice, and ingenuity.

To the hackers I say, remember the Golden Rule:  “Do onto others what you would like others do onto you.”  Please stop.